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Raleigh Police Still Looking for Attacker

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RALEIGH — Police are working with two women who were attacked in the parking lotof their apartment complexes to develop a composite picture of the suspect.

But in the meantime the attacks have left a lot of women uneasy, especially at the Melrose Apartments where management and residents say the securityis unbeatable.

Early Sunday morning police say a 24-year-old woman was attacked in the3200 block of the Walnut Creek apartments on Gorman Street. She fought,and got away. About 20 minutes later investigators say a man matching thedescription of the suspect in the first incident attacked a woman at Melrose apartments on Trailwood Drive. She also escaped.

"We have great security guards that don't let guests in without callingour apartments first," said Jennifer Perkins, Melrose resident.

But even with state of the art security at Melrose including guards, alarms, panic buttons and security cameras, the attacker got in. This is leavingmany residents on edge.

"I'm starting to feel like now maybe I don't know how safe I am, now thatthis has happened I'm not as sure as I used to be," said Perkins.

In fact, the tight security has lead some here to believe that the suspectmay be a friend of someone in the complex or may even live here.

"You usually can't get past our security unless you have a specific reasonto be here and that's what concerns me maybe it's not worrying about keepingsomebody out, but maybe it's someone in our complex," said Tami Haas,Melrose resident.

The suspect is described as a white male in his mid to late 20's, approximately 5-foot-10-inches, with dirty blonde hair, weighing about 160pounds. The victims say he was wearing tennis shoes, shorts and a shirtwith yellow and dark horizontal stripes.

Anyone with information should call the Raleigh Police.