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First of Ten Plymouth Teens Laid to Rest

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Pallbearers carry the casket of the late Clayton Chesson
PLYMOUTH — It was another painful day in the town of Plymouth, as family and friendssaid goodbye to Clayton Chesson, the first of 10 teenagers the town has tobury this week.

Wednesday afternoon, 10 young people were killed when their Ford Explorerskidded into the path of a tractor trailer. They were all friends andband members at Plymouth High School. The first funeral was Saturday. Itwas a tremendously emotional ceremony, and just the beginning of thehealing process for an entire community.

Clayton Chesson is characterized as a boy who loved his music. His deathis something many people just can't comprehend. Family and friends heldonto their faith as they said goodbye to Chesson. Pastor Rodney Williamsreminded a packed Bethel Church of Christ congregation that no matter howold or young we may be, we will all leave this earth.

That's something many are struggling to understand. Kristen Sawyer knewthe band members in the accident. She says they were too young to die.While mourners tried to understand how so many young people could betaken, many wept openly and painfully. A nurse was on hand to help thosein need handle the pain.

That pain soon turned to celebration of Chesson's life-- a life full withfriends and with music. A special trumpet tune was played in his memory.

Band director Leroy Bland remembered Chesson with a poem. Struggling tokeep his composure, Bland sobbed during the first of many tiring days tocome:

I can hear the trumpets playing in God's heavenly chorus,The sweet sound fills the night air such as a whisper of an innocentchild,Play on children, play on.

The poem was sent to Plymouth High School by a woman in Henderson who feltdrawn to a tragedy many counties away. For now, the small WashingtonCounty community will spend many days asking why such a terrible accidenthad to happen.

Thursday, all 10 band members killed will be remembered ina memorial service at the high school. The service will get underway at6:00 p.m.

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