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Beaver Shot After Biting Swimmer

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PITTSBORO — A Sanford teen is spending the weekend getting rabies shots, after a beaver attacked him at Jordan Lake Friday.

The 15 year old was swimming when the beaver swam up beside him and bithim twice. The swimmer is OK. But park officials have shut down part ofthe lake. Parker Creek swimming area and seaforth beach are open.Ebenezer beach and the boat ramps are closed. They'll stay closed untilofficials determine they can be reopened.

The beaver was caught and shot Friday. Health officials are testing theanimal for rabies.

If the beaver tests positive for rabies, that will make the 522nd case sofar this year in North Carolina. That's compared to 414 cases at thistime last year. And only 281 at the beginning of August 1995.

Health officials urge you to get your pets vaccinate