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Test: Creek Leading to Jordan Lake Polluted

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DURHAM — Out in the main portions of Jordan Lake fecal chloroform levels are solow, they barely register. At the point where Northeast Creek runs intothe lake, levels are slightly above acceptable.

As you move up the creek the levels get higher and higher. Protesterscame together from all over the state to raise support for cleaner waterways. A lot of people were talking about clean water Tuesday, and weredisagreeing on how to make it happen.

Gary Grant, a protester, says the pollution of North Carolina watersupsets him.

Protesters blame hog farms and sewage treatment plants for polluting thewater. They also blame state legislators. Some state legislators agreethey are not doing enough to solve the problem.

Sen. Beverley Purdue, (D) Craven County. said attention has shifted fromsewage treatment plants to hog farms. She also said the recent DurhamCounty sewage spill has brought attention back to the problem

Ernie Seneca, Division of Water Quality, says everyone should do theirpart and not point fingers.

The levels of bacteria in Jordan Lake were tested Tuesday an din some areas they were above what the government say is safe. Downstreamfrom the spill, the fecal coliform count was 290 per hundredmilliliters. That's almost 50 percent higher than what thegovernment says is safe. Local health departments are monitoring thesituation.

State health officials say, Jordan Lake is safe for recreation but, theystrongly urge everyone to stay away from the creeks that lead from thespill to the lake.

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