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High-Wind Storm Blows Through Cumberland County

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FAYETTEVILLE — Cumberland County residents are cleaning up Tuesday morning after a wickedwind storm Monday afternoon. The severe weather caught some people bysurprise.

Ann McNeil was outside when her front porch was ripped off her home andthrown on top of her car.

McNeil isn't the only one cleaning up after the storm. Winds destroyedseveral backyard sheds and littered the ground with branches.

McNeil's no stranger to storms in the Eastover Village development. Hurricane Fran hit last September and there was a lightning strike lastweek.

"I'm not giving up," McNeil said. "God's going to take care of it, so I'mnot worried about that. We'll make due with what we have here and go withthat."

"The winds just got really high, and then all of a sudden, boom. And this is the result," said Molly Fisher, storm victim.

A backyard littered with the remains of a shed and a trampoline. You find signs of the storm all over the neighborhood.

"I waited in the van because it started getting bad," said Lloyd Thompson."I didn't want to get out because of the lightning and everything, so Ijust figured it was a typical storm. I expected to come around and maybe get my trash can or something. Not to see this. This is wild."

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