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Project Direct Aims to Curb Black Diabetic Population

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This woman was among several who came out for a free diabetes screening
RALEIGH — Diabetes is an incurable disease that affects a large number of AfricanAmericans. The disease causes the sugar in your blood to build-up in your body, which can lead to blindness, a heart attack, kidney disease, amputation or death. Project Direct is a community program designed toreduce the problem of diabetes among African American adults in SoutheastRaleigh.

A summer festival wouldn't be complete without live music. So ProjectDirect booked a gospel group to perform for its annual Summerfest in Raleigh'sRoberts Park. But the organization offered something far more importantthan entertainment.

Outreach coordinator Angela Burroughs says the event also offered a freediabetes screening, nutritional education and down home cooking preparedin a more healthy fashion.

Project Direct says if you are African American, female, overweight, overage 45, a person who has had a family member with diabetes, or a personwho does not exercise regularly, you're at risk of having an imbalance ofblood sugar or diabetes.

Josephine Flack came out to find out if she has the sugar. Flack says ifshe does have it, she would like to catch it in time so she can live alittle longer.

For those who don't have diabetes, the screenings provide peace of mind. For those who do, the screening is the first step towards bringing apotentially deadly disease under control.

Diabetes also affects men. If you'd like to know more about Diabetes andwhere you can get free screenings...contact Project Direct at 856-6540 or1-800-342-2383.