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Danny's Deluge Catches Raleigh Residents Off Guard

Posted July 24, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Folks could do nothing but watch as the water swallowed up more and more low lying areas. Creeks spread like muddy fingers extending out. Field and stream converged. A soccer field filled fast. A baseball diamond lost its luster. You couldn't even see the pitchers' mound.

Some roads were blocked off as police enforced a no passage policy. Some drivers imposed their own no passage, not willing to risk it. Others plowed right through, determined not to let the water get the best of them.

Roads previously washed out in storms past were carefully monitored today. Some neighborhoods submerged during Fran started to fill again, catching residents off-guard.

Gemma Palm called her neighbors at work. Not long after, everyone came together to watch. Palm says her family wasn't expecting anything with the storm. She imagined heavy rains. What Palm got was a big surprise.

The Palms have done it before. They brought out the chalk again to mark the spot where the water was.

The Palms calmly watched as the water receded. Fran taught them to move the cars early. The family thought that kind of water wouldn't come again for another hundred years or so.

Some welcomed the water. A golf hole turned into a fishing hole. Today, a river runs through it. One golf pro took it all in stride.