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Wife of Accused Killer Laid to Rest

Posted July 22, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Hundreds turned out to pay their final respects Tuesday to a woman whose life was cut tragically short. Gloria Nicholson died last Thursday. Police say her husband pulled the trigger and also murdered Sharpsburg Police Chief Wayne Hathaway.

Friends and family members of Gloria Nicholson are using their faith and their love for each other to get through a difficult time. More than 200 people packed the Saint James church to pay their respects, just as many waited outside.

Delores Williams knew Nicholson. She's finding it hard to understand how something so tragic could happen to a woman who loved her friends and children so much.

Nicholson died Thursday afternoon, police say at the hands of her husband, Abner. His name was never mentioned in the service. Family members even kept it out of the bulletin, using the victim's maiden name instead.

Nicholson's two children sat with her parents, holding some new friends to help them go on. Sharpsburg Police Commissioner, Peggy Joyner, presented the stuffed animals to the girls as a small token of the town's love.

The girls will also depend on hundreds of friends who believe Nicholson's faith has carried her to a better place-- away from fear, and away from pain.