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Series of Hit-And-Run Accidents Remain Unsolved

Posted July 22, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Fayetteville police are working to solve a series of hit and run accidents. Most only resulted in damaged property, but some left innocent people hurt, so investigators are turning up the heat.

Tracking down hit-and-run suspects can be a full time job, according to Investigator Rick Shannon of the Fayetteville Police Department. He says the job is frustrating, but it has its rewards.

Every month, the police department investigates close to 150 hit-and-runs, only a handful of which are ever solved.

Officer Shannon's latest case involves a 19-year-old who was hit by a car and seriously injured while riding a bicycle on Bunce Road. Shannon says they do have some information about the vehicle that struck the boy.

The biggest problem with most of these accidents is that they usually happen on isolated roads where there are seldom witnesses. That leaves little for police to go on. Six officers work full-time looking for even the smallest clue that could lead to an arrest. The challenge, says Shannon, is to catch the drivers.

Last year in Fayetteville 12 people died in hit and run accidents.

Photographer:Mike Joyner