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Police Consider Shooting Stray Dog

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"Parkway" may be living her last days, as city leaders discuss putting the stray dog to death
CARY — Residents call her Parkway and she may become aninnocent victim of the rabies scare that's spreading across NorthCarolina.

Following several failed attempts by animal control to capture her,Cary Police may shoot her.

Some area residents say she's the phantom of theCary Parkway -- silently disappearing into the woods everyday. She's a wild dog that roams the area. No one knows where she came from, but mostknow why she stays.

Torry Greene has been feeding "Parkway" for more than a year.Greene says she's the only person the dog has ever come close to.

Parkway had a litter of puppies earlier this year, but only onesurvived. Parkway Jr. is now a member of the Greene family, but evenGreene realizes the puppy's mother is a potential danger.

The wild dog is making front page headlines in Cary. Police have triedto trap, tranquilize, and track her down, but with no luck so far. ChiefDavid Fortson of the Cary Police says shooting the dog will be a lastresort.

With mounting complaints from motorists and an increasing threat ofrabies, the police chief is ready to send a marksman to shoot and killParkway, even though the dog hasn't done anything yet. Chief Fortson sayshe's not ready to answer to a mom and dad who wonder why nothing was donesooner.

The police plan is not sitting well with residents like Kim Garde.Garde says the dog isn't a threat to anyone because it doesn't go nearanyone. She sees no reason to kill the animal.

The rabies threat is real in North Carolina. There have already been400 confirmed cases. State health officials predict as many as 1,500 byyear's end. That's a staggering number when compared to only 10 cases ofrabies reported just seven years ago.

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