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Duke Historian Calls for Breakdown of Racial Barriers

Posted July 22, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A Duke University historian addressed the North Carolina General Assembly Tuesday, calling for an end to racial barriers in the U.S.

Dr. John Hope Franklin was recently appointed by President Clinton to the Presidential Commission as chairman of the Race Relation's Committee. Tuesday he was invited to Raleigh to talk to legislators.

Governor Hunt attended the joint session to hear Franklin speak. The historian received thunderous applause as he arrived.

Franklin said he is confident in North Carolina's ability to help move the country int the right direction. He praised the state's Smart Start program as a step in the right direction.

Franklin said he'd like to see a similar program started that would help adults move ahead. He said education and economy are the areas where racial equality need to be addressed.

Franklin is a former history professor of Duke University. He has written several books on race relations. "From Slavery to Freedom" is generally considered to be his best work.

Photographer:Joe Frieda