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Experts Say Gloria Nicholson Did All the Right Things

Posted July 21, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Gloria Nicholson's name is now on a very long list of women killed as they tried to escape from a marriage gone bad. Like so many others, she was killed just as she tried to make the break.

Nicholson died despite doing everything the experts say women need to do to stay safe.

Employees at the Sharpsburg Red and White grocery store say Nicholson always greeted customers with a smile and a kind word. Then, about a week ago, one of her best friends noticed a change. Francine Bullock said the difference was noticeable.

Police say Nicholson was trying to leave her estranged husband when he allegedly murdered her and Police Chief Wayne Hathaway who had come to protect her.

Domestic abuse counselor Kimberly Clifford says usually, staying in a violent home can be more dangerous than leaving.

Crisis centers like the Wesley Shelter in Wilson want battered women to know there is hope, in spite of this case where the victim seemed to do everything right but died anyway. Clifford says staying with an abusive spouse often guarantees trouble, especially if the victim has kept her pain to herself.

Bullock believes Nicholson really didn't know the man she married eight months ago. Nor did she know he had assaulted another woman years earlier. If she had, she believes Nicholson would have left long ago.

Money is being collected to help Gloria Nicholson's two small children who are is 8- and 2-years-old. If you're interested; send your gift to theGloria Nicholson Memorial Fund, in care of Triangle Bank, PO Box 123 in Sharpsburg, NC, 27878.