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Bomb Scare in Fayetteville

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Bomb squad members from Fort Bragg test the suspicious package.
FAYETTEVILLE — Fayetteville law enforcement officials-- and downtown business people -- are breathing a collective sigh ofrelief. A suspicious package turned out not to be a bomb.

The package was discovered this morning at a Fayetteville bank.

The Fort Bragg bomb squad, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents andFayetteville police joined forces to investigate the package found at BB&Tbank off Morganton Road. All 30 employees of the bank were evacuated.

Capt. Troy Fuller of Fort Bragg's 18th Ordnance Company says his groupresponds the same way whether there's doubt about the object being a bombor not.

Workers examined a strange package found in the overnight depositbox and, with one pull of a cable, eased everyone's fears.

The item turned out to be a tube rolled up to resemble a bomb, andwires had been fashioned to come out one end.

Authorities have confiscated the package. If they find out who put itin the deposit box, the person or persons may be charged with amisdemeanor. If, however, they have left similar devices in the past, thecharge would be a felony.

The bank closed for about two hours Monday morning, but reopened to thepublic after that.

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