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Quarry Street Area a Frequent Stop for Police

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A map of the area often frequented by police
RALEIGH — The people who live there are afraid to stepoutside. Even police say it's not safe, and the area's record speaks foritself. Police have responded to 33 calls since Friday in the neighbhorhood where an officer was killed in a gunfight.

On Quarry street, every day is just another day of police activity in a crime ridden neighborhood.Early Friday morning a man was fatally shot there. Later the same day, Raleigh Police Det. Paul Hale was killed while investigating theearlier shooting. Then Tuesday, a man who says he was an innocentbystander was shot in the arm.

Shawn Johnson says he can't predict the future of the neighborhood.People there live day by day. Johnson believes what happened on QuarryStreet could happen in any neighborhood.

In the several blocks that surround the place Hale was shot Raleighpolice have responded to more than 1,100 calls in the last six months.Neighbors say the trouble continues because of the way the policerespond.

Billy Hinton sees cops out on their beats in the area. He believes theofficers need to step up their actions, instead of just riding andcruising. What looks like someone selling drugs could be much more.

Police and city leaders say they know there's a problem in the QuarryStreet area. Mayor Tom Fetzer says the area already gets more attentionthan any other location in the city. Fetzer says he understandsresidents' frustrations and fears, but says what can be done is beingdone.

As a possible solution, Fetzer says there is a possibility of movingthe mobile compass station to the neighborhood. That's the portablestation that has been a big help in the equally crime-infested CarverStreet community.

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