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Hot Weather Can Mean More House Fires

Posted July 14, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— With the full heat of summer bearing down, there lurks in every home a dangerous hazard. The risk of certain kinds of household fires is rising with the temperature.

Fire investigators say and explosion and fire in a North Raleigh home Sunday probably started when the homeowner placed a hot cooking pot in the garage, too close to a gasoline container. The fire quickly spread from the garage to the adjacent house and witnesses say they could see the smoke from miles away on the beltline

Capt. Jimmy Parker of the Raleigh Fired Department says people need to be very careful about storing flammable liquids indoors.

Parker says leaving a lawn mower or other gas-powered tool inside a hot garage can be equally dangerous.

The North Raleigh home was 75 percent damaged by Sunday's fire. Firefighters say common sense is the key to preventing such a fire.

The bottom line, according to Parker, is to keep any type of flammable liquid in a safe place away from your house.