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Chavis Heights Residents Say Crime Not New

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RALEIGH — Violence and crime are not big news for peoplewho live in the area where a Raleigh police officer was shot and killedFriday. They say drug dealers and prostitutes cruise the streets all hoursof the night. In Chavis Heights, the elderly are afraid to go outside.

Ask anyone in on Montague Street and they'll tell you thatthe neighborhood is infested with drugs. They also say outsiders arebringing the drugs in. They say they feel like Friday's shooting is anexample of just how dangerous the area has become.

One elderly Montague street resident who asked not to be identified said she's afraid drug dealers will hurt her. She says the problem is eventoo big for police.

After Friday's shooting residents are even more skeptical about lawenforcement's ability to protect them. It's okay to sit outside in theafternoon, they say, but at night people who live in the area stay inside.

Annie Johnson is concerned for the safety of her 10 grandchildren andher three foster children.

Audrey Avery has installed an alarm system in her home so that she willfeelsafer. Plants have been stolen from her porch and her car has beenvandalised, but she feels lucky so far.

Residents say the police substation at Chavis Heights does help to anextent, but they're still very concerned. One woman told WRAL-TV5'sAmanda Lambshe wants to organize acommunity group to help fight the crime.