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Chopper Crash Investigation Enters New Phase

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FORT BRAGG — U.S. Army officials have returned to thesite of Tuesday's crash of a Black Hawk helicopter at Fort Bragg as theinvestigation into the cause of the crash continues.

Friday morning, crews were gathering up pieces of the charred wreckageand loading it onto flatbed trucks for transport to Simmons Army Air Fieldlater in the day. There were four large pieces of the helicopter on theground which had to be removed with a crane but, for the most part, thehuge chopper was reduced to small pieces of rubble. Officials said itwould take most of the day to complete the task.

The rubble will be kept in a storage hangar at Simmons untilinvestigators can decide where they want it to be taken for furtherresearch into the cause of the crash.

The bodies of the eight soldiers killed in the crash arrived at DoverAir Force Base early Friday. There, officials say it could take severaldays to determine positive identification.

They plan to release all eight names at the same time.

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