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UNC Assembling Kuralt Collection

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CHAPEL HILL — He travelled the back roads ofthe nationand told the stories of ordinarypeople.Now the University of North Carolina wants to rememberhisstorywith a collection that will highlight the life andtimes of Charles Kuralt.

The manuscripts department at UNC's Wilson Library hosts more than16 million papers, tapes and films, making it an archive ofthe American South.

It hopes to add a new section soon -- the papers and memorabilia of thelate Kuralt, a Carolina graduate and an icon of broadcast news.

"We had spoken off and on for the past several years to Mr. Kuralt," saidTim Pyatt, manuscripts department curator. "He was obviously very anxiousfor his papers to come to his almamater, and we're very anxious to accept them."

Right now, the library only has few items from Kuralt's life, copiesof the books that he's written, a picture from his yearbook during hisdays here at Carolina, and a front page of the student newspaper thathe edited,The Daily Tar Heel.

"I think there's going to be a lot of interest in him, not onlyin the next few years, but historically, because of his impact on journalism,in personalizing it," said Robert Anthony, North Carolina Collectioncurator.

The Kuralt collection will include his video and film work as well as hiswritings.While the library hopes to get many items through the Kuralt family, organizerssay they'll also go on the road.They hope anyone who had dealings with the folksy reporter will send themletters, pictures and anything else that might help illustrate the man andhis life.

If you have something you would like to contribute to the KuraltCollection,you should contact the Wilson Library staff at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Charles Kuralt will be buried in the UNC Chapel Hill cemetery Tuesdaymorning.

A public service will be held at noon Tuesday in Memorial Hall on campus.Guest speakers include retired CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite and GovernorJim Hunt.Bill Leslie will have live reports from the service in the Newsat Noon.UNC Public Television will air the entire service live at noon andrebroadcast it at 9 p.m. Tuesday.

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