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Reduction in Univision Prompts Raleigh Protest

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A sign of the times
RALEIGH — For many in the Spanish-speaking community, Univision is an important sourceof news, information, and entertainment. The cable channel providesprogramming in Spanish. But in Raleigh it's getting tougher to tune in.

No Spanish, no Time-Warner. The message itself is simple. Spanish-speaking residents want a Spanish-speaking television station.But for many, it goes deeper than that.

"The general sentiment is that it's important for news information," saysconcerned viewer, Meg Fugate. "Obviously that's true, but more importantlystill, it's a cultural link."

That link has been cut in half by Time-Warner. More than 100 Spanish-speaking residents protested in Raleigh Saturday. They're upsetbecause Time-Warner has cut Univision programming from 20 hours a day tojust 12 hours.

The people who run Time-Warner Cable say they had to cut Univision to upgradethe cable system. Spokesperson Brad Phillips says the company is workingvery hard to make changes. They say the job isn't something that can befinished immediately.

Phillips says the company does plan to air Univision 24 hours a day by theyear 2000. A meeting will be held July 9th to discuss the programmingcontroversy and work on finding a solution.

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