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Strangers Save Sleeping Woman From Burning House

Posted July 5, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A story of nature's fury and three stranger's kindness played out overnight in northeast Raleigh.

Violent storms with hundreds of lightning strikes moved through the region early this morning. One of those lightning strikes apparently hit a house, setting the roof on fire.

Three people on their way home from a fireworks display saw the smoke and woke the homeowner from a deep sleep.

"We ran to the door, drove the car right up to the door, just sounded the horn over and over again and started banging on the door, kept sounding the horn, sounding the horn, sounding the horn, and then the lady finally came out," said Luann Hall, one of the rescuers. "She had been sound asleep and she didn't know there was a fire at all."

Fire investigators believed lightning caused the fire, but also say because the fire spread so fast and did so much damage they will investigate further.