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Gas Prices Down for Holiday and Beyond

Posted July 3, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Chances are, no matter what your plans this holiday weekend, they'll include some driving. The 4th of July is the busiest road travel holiday of the year and this year, it'll cost you less to get wherever you're going.

Filling up the gas tank over the 4th will be less of a drain on your billfold than a year ago. AAA says prices at North Carolina pumps are down a nickel. That means the average price per gallon is $1.16 for unleaded regular.

Motorist Wesley Maynor says he likes seeing the price of gas go down.

Traveler Al Warren agrees.

Folks headed to the coast will find cheaper gas than those taking a mountain holiday. Across the Carolinas, the range in prices is remarkable. The average price is $1.20 in Asheville and just $1.06 in Charleston.

Travelers will find South Carolina a better place to top off the tank than North Carolina -- an average of seven cents better -- due in part to lower taxes.

That makes South Carolinian Connie Suitt feel good about having filled up before heading up Interstate-95.

AAA leaders say they expect gas prices to fall even lower as we head into the heart of summer.