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Fayetteville Police Looking for Robbery Suspect

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FAYETTEVILLE — One suspect is recovering in a hospitaland one is still on the loose after a fast-food robbery inFayetteville Wednesday night.

Two people robbed the Owen Drive McDonald's in Fayetteville across from the Bordeaux Shopping Center just after 11 p.m. Wednesday. Somemoney was taken from the restaurant, but police did not say how much.

An employee was able to sound an alarm to the police department whenthe suspects entered the restaurant. When police arrived, one suspectwas behind the counter. He ran out and got into a car where a secondsuspect was waiting. The driver lunged the car at police and the policefired shots.

One suspect was hit in the arm. The other fled with the money.Some of the money was found behind a nearby Pantry Restaurant a short timelater.

The wounded suspect was taken to Cape Valley Medical Center. Policeare continuing their search for the other suspect. The FBI has been calledin to investigate.