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Year's Busiest Travel Weekend Approaching

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RALEIGH — If you plant to hit the road this holidayweekend you'll be joining many others in the country. The 4th of Julyweekend is the busiest travel holiday of the year and one of thedeadliest.

North Carolina Highway Patrol officers say you need to take precautionsto keep you and your passengers safe.

Always be aware of your surroundings on the road. Check your mirrorsfrequently to see who's around you. Remember, you share the highways withbig trucks and, according to AAA, if you're in a car, you're fourtimes more likely to be the killed or injured party in a crash with atractor-trailer. While more head-on collisions occur on secondaryroads, nearly 80 percent of deadly accidents involving trucks happen onhighways and freeways.

But truckers say car drivers are more often the ones not payingattention. Cars often end up in a truck's blind spots.

Truckers say if you follow too closely or if you're beside a truck, youare as good as invisible.

Statistics show that in truck-car accidents, the car drivers are more oftenat fault.

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