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durham murder

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DURHAM — People in a Durham neighborhood want action following a shockingmurder and its frightening fallout.

Police call it a case of retribution. Someone spray-painted the words"murder" and "killer" onto the Glover Road house of a Durham fatherwho police say helped his son kill another young man. Morefrightening is a shotgun blast through the front door -- a blast thatpolicebelieve wasmeant to send a message.

Martin Honeycutt lived in the house until he was charged with murder. Police say that he passed a gun on to his son, Jason Honeycutt. Jason allegedlygunned down 19-year-old Jason Gates only a few hundred feet from theHoneycutt house last week.

Bill Barbee, the landlord of the house, said that he does not know who'sbehind the vandalism, but he feels that he is the only victim.

For neighbor Leroy Williams, handing down justice is not the duty ofcitizens. He says that the job is best left for the police.

Folks at Durham Congregations In Action are trying to turn the situationon Glover Road into a positive community event. D.C.I.A.'s David Winersays that his group wants to call on a higher source to help solve thecommunity's problems.

The organization plans to hold a prayer vigil on Glover Road at 5:30 p.m.Tuesday afternoon to pray for not only the victim, but also for thesuspects.

Meanwhile, police hope that the vandal or vandals who attacked the housewill put a stop to it before another person gets hurt.