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3 Killers Possibly At-Large in N.C.

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RALEIGH — Police have issued two warnings to NorthCarolina residents about three killers on the loose. One is from thestate and two others are believed to be headed this way.

Police say Donna Terrell of Raleigh shot and killed an innocent manwhile fighting with another woman over the weekend in Burlington. Terrellapparently fired at the woman and missed. The bullet hit a man who was doing yard work in front of his home. He died as a result of the gunshot.

Police are searching for Donna Terrell.

And the FBI says two men wanted in connection with two murders and abank robbery in Iowa may be headed to North Carolina. One of thesuspects used to live in Watauga County, and police think they mayattempt to seek a hiding place in that area.

A hunt is on for Christopher Kauffman and Jamie McMahan who are believed to be driving a dark green Dodge Dakota pickup truck withthe license plate 910-BUF.

Anyone if information on either of the men or the vehicle should calllocal police.