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Durham Kids Find Shotgun; 1 Shot

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Shotgun kids found behind a Durham apartment building
DURHAM — A 3-year-old is in a pediatric intensive careunit after undergoing surgery for a gunshot in his side Saturday. Policesaid he was shot by a 10-year-old playmate after they found a shotgun in astorage area under an apartment house.

Police said the two children and the victim's 4-year-old brother wereplaying behind the residence at 201 Broadway St. An investigator with thecity's juvenile division said the 10-year-old did not mean to hurt theother child, and they don't expect to file charges.

Police are now trying to find out who owns the gun and how it came tobe under the apartment house. The gun's owner could face charges offailing to properly secure a weapon.

Meanwhile, the shooting has upset the neighborhood. Residents say this isn't the first time tragedy has struck their community. Now they're readyto do something about it.

Because guns and drugs are nothing new to the area, residents haveformed a group called the Old Five Points Association. They want to getrid of drugs and bring back a sense of community.

There's no doubt there's trouble on Broadway Street as two women screamaccusations about each other with the camera rolling.

Candice Stiggler believes this and many other incidents in the communitybegin with drugs.

Stiggler says it's the stupidity of drug dealers that leads toaccidents like the one that happened Saturday. She says the dealers hidetheir products and their weapons, then kids stumble upon them. Stiggler believes drug dealers have no concern for local kids. She says they'rejust out to hurt people and do whatever theyhave to do to make a dollar.

Irish Fisher wants to know how many more kids have to be shot beforepolice do something about the neighborhood's crime. Fearing it could bemany more, she and other members of the community gather every othermonth to talk about the problem of crime and how to handle it.

One member of the group says she can lie in her bed at night and hearnothing but gunshots. That's a sound that's common on streetslike Broadway, and one neighbors want to silence.

The residents of Broadway Street hope that one day their community can befree of drugs and crime. They'll start moving towards that goal Wednesdaywhen they gather with the Durham Police Department to talk over theconcerns of the community, and, they hope, come up with some solutions.

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