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Crooks Lift 12 Handguns from Durham Store

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Arms and Amo Gun Shop
DURHAM — They should be locked up inside the Armory Arms Guns and Ammo store. Instead, an arsonal of weapons is on the street right now. It's afrightening thought: weapons of death and destruction in the wrong hands. Those weapons could be anywhere by now, perhaps even in your neighborhood.

At this time, Durham Police have little information to go on. They do knowthat one of the thieves was wearing a bandana and a second suspect had onsome sort of Halloween mask. Officers say there are already too manyguns in the hands of criminals in Durham. Now they have more guns.

Police say the two armed, disguised men burst into the store Thursdaymorning, held a gun to a clerk's head, and stuffed a duffle bagwith handguns.

Sergeant A.J. Carter says the police force is always concerned whenweapons hit the street. Carter says he hopes the guns and the suspectscan be found before anyone is injured.

Police are concerned, but residents in the well-keptneighborhoods near the gun shop are perhaps more concerned. Tony Parsons and his family didn't hear about the gun heist until WRAL-TV5'sMark Roberts asked them how they feltabout it. Parsons says he worries about the guns getting into the wronghands and wonders where things are going to stop if the criminalskeep eluding police and go on to collect even more guns.

There was one positive thing to note. All of the stolen guns hadidentification tags on them and were listed with the ATF. Anyonewho tampers with the serial number on a gun faces an automaticcharge.

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