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Survival Business Thriving in Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE — Surviving in our ever changing world canbe challenging for anyone, but those without job, money management orparenting skills often find themselves in more trouble than they canhandle.

One Fayetteville woman knows that trouble first hand and is working tomake a difference by helping other women prosper.

The boarded up streets of any downtown can mask the toughness of lifeon the street. It's a life Donna Morgan knew all too well and, in adonated space on a similar Fayettevile street, women are learning how tofind good jobs, be better moms, and make ends meet.

Morgan was a heroine addict for 20 years, but now, she says, she'susing what her life taught her in a class called "Survival Skills forWomen".

More than 300-women from all walks of life come to get help in school,jobs, and in learning to manage their homes. Gabrielle Dumpson has beenthrough Morgan's training. She says she learned how to manage her money.

Karen Culbreth also went through the training. She says a good job isnow a real possibility for her.

After 30 hours of educational training and 30 hours of survivaltraining the women head back home. For some, that means back to thestreets. For others, it's a real home and, maybe for the first time, areal job. All the women face the same pressuresthey did before, but now they're armed with new tools for survival.

Morgan has walked the rough road but she says it's what's helped herhelp others.

The Fayettville survival classes are supported by government grantsand donations. They are open to any woman who is interested. For moreinformation call the Fayettville Women's Center at 910-323-3377.

Photographer:Mark Copeland

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