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It's the Hottest Day of the Year ... So Far

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RALEIGH — It's HOT!Steamy, stifling,sweltering, scorching, and altogether unsavory.

How hot is it? Well, at 1 p.m., the official temperature was alreadyhigher than the 94 degrees predicted for Wednesday's high.

The best way to keep cool is to stay inside where it's airconditioned, but that's not always possible. WRAL-TV5'sBetsy Sykes ventured out into thetropical weather to find out how some people are coping.

A heat advisory warned people to take measures guarding against theeffects of a heat index of 105 to 110 degrees. But a group of streetmaintenance workers had no access to relief as they applied hot asphalt toa Raleigh road surface.

Crew member Gerald Staten said they might wish for better conditions,but the job had to get done.

At high noon, it was the kind of blast-furnace weather that makes youwant to run for cover, but running was not an option for this crew, andair-conditioning was just a dream. The workers had to come up with somecreative ways to beat the heat.

They take two breaks a day in this kind of weather in addition to alunch break. That allows them to get out the blazing sun for a littlewhile. Staten says they also put away gallons of liquids.

In addition, experts say you should avoid strenuous activity, wearlight-colored clothes, drink plenty of liquids to replenish water lost toperspiration, and avoid direct sunlight whenever possible.

And remember -- it wasn't so many days ago you were complaining abouthow cold it was for June.