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Freak Truck Accident Kills Woman, Sends Man to the Hospital

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This door swung open fatally striking one pedestrian and sending another to the hospital
RALEIGH — Just a couple of feet made the differenceTuesday morning between a stroll along Leesville Road and a deadlyaccident. The door of a tractor trailer swung open and hit twopedestrians, killing one of them.

Nineteen-year-old Sarah McCarthy didn't survive. Herfriend, 21-year-old Paul Clayton remains in critical condition at WakeMedical Center. The couple had come to Raleigh from Florida to visitMcCarthy's brother.

The J.D. Harston hauling truck was traveling along a curving section ofLeesville Road when the accident happened. Police say several witnessessaw the rear door of the truck swing open to the right. The driver, DonaldPhillips, never realized he hit the couple until other motorists toldhim.

Raleigh Police Sergeant Kirk Adams says Phillips had been on his way to get a cargo load. He had assumed the latch was secure afterhe unloaded some other cargo.

The truck has been impounded for further investigation. No word yet ifcharges are expected to be filed.

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