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Congressman Pushing for More 'Made in America'

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LUMBERTON — Good evening, thanbks for joining us.This is the 5-30 news.A North Carolina Congressman says too many American jobs are moving overseas.

He says American law is making it worse.

Congressman Mike McIntyre is pushing a bill that would make staying athome more attractive for an entire industry.WRAL's Brian Bowman joined McIntyre this morning to find out more aboutthe bill.Brian?

(Bowman)"More athletic shoes roll off of this assembly line in Robeson County thananywhere else in America."(nat sound)"But, even this workforce isn't what it used to be.The company has laid off six-hundred workers during the past few years,and it says a federal law is part of the reason.The law says athletic shoe companies in the Caribbean don't have to paytariffs when they ship shoes to America.That has lured some American factories to shut down US plants for the lowerwages of the islands."(Rep. Mike McIntyre/(D) Seventh District) "WHAT WE HAVE FOUND IS THAT INSTEAD OF ABOUT 200,000PAIRS OF FOREIGN IMPORTED FOOTWEAR COMING INTO OUR COUNTRY, IT'S UP TO12-MILLION AND WHAT THAT TRANSLATES INTO IS A LOSS OF AMERICAN JOBS."(Bowman)"Congressman Mike McIntyre is pushing a bill that would do away with theexemption for new companies.He's drawing cheers from American producers who say the six-year old lawis an unfair advantage for foreign competitors."(BOB SHARP/V.P. Converse Manufacturing)"MADE IN THE USA SELLS OUTSIDE THE USA MORE THAN IT SELLS INSIDE THE USA,AND IT WOULD BE NICE IF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WOULD TAKE A LOOK AT WHERETHE PRODUCT IS MADE."(Bowman)"Congressman McIntyre hopes to make the American label a little more prominenthere at home."(McIntyre)"WE WANT TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD, WE FEEL LIKE IT'S TIME WE QUIT ALLOWINGAMERICAN JOBS TO BE LOST IN AN EFFORT TO HELP OTHER COUNTRIES." (end)

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