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Sanford Volunteers Habitat, Need Inhabitants

Posted June 20, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Owning a home is the American dream and it's Habitat for Humanity's goal to make it affordable and affordable dream. Habitat volunteers help low income families build their own houses. In one area community, the organization wants to build more houses, but it can't find families in need.

For Habitat for Humanity volunteers, building houses is not work, it's a labor of love. For volunteer construction supervisor, Ralph Larsen, life has been good. Now he wants to give something back to those who might be less fortunate.

But where many communities have trouble finding people to saw and sweat, Sanford Habitat for Humanity has a very different problem. Volunteers are working on the third house to be built in one Sanford block, and they would like to build more. They even own a tract of land, but have no one to build for.

"At the present time we have the land," says Habitat President Herbert Hincks. "We have enough money for a couple of homes. We have the volunteers. We don't have the families."

Right now, there's only one Habitat house under construction in Lee County. And the program has only four families trying to become qualified. Hincks says if there's any question as to whether a family qualifies for Habitat's services, his advice is to apply anyway.

Volunteers look forward to the day when all of their hard labor will end up making more homes. Habitat wants to help people. That's the whole reason for the organization's existence.