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Raleigh Cable Company Making Changes

Posted June 19, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— On July 1st, the Raleigh branch of Time Warner Cable will make some changes on local dials and the proposed moves are already turning off some customers.

The cable company's plan to carry the Univision network only during the day is angering area Latinos, and inspiring them to action on behalf of the Spanish language channel.

To the growing number of Spanish-speaking people in the Triangle area, Univision is more than just a spot on the dial. Now that Time Warner has decided to cut it to many say they feel very left out. That's why Raleigh's Jaime Leon and other Latino leaders met with Time Warner Thursday -- to show the company the thousands of signatures they've collected on petitions asking that the channel not be cut.

Another thing that concerns the Latino population is that they say they feel their numbers are underestimated.

They point to the newspaperLa Conexionas an example. When the Spanish-language paper started up a year-and-a-half ago, it was 12 pages long. This week's issue has 56 pages.

Time Warner Vice President Brad Phillips says the company's cable system will be expanded by the year 2000, but until then, some segment of the population will be upset.

Leon says it's all a matter of perspective.

Among the other changes you can expect are the addition of the Sci-Fi Channel, CNNSI, and a channel from Discovery called Animal Planet. The Golf Channel will take Univision's spot at night.