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Food Stamp Program Sends Recipients "Out to Lunch"

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Healthy dishes are encouraged by the Out to Lunch program
NASHVILLE — A group of Nash County food stamp recipients are learning how to put yourtax dollars to good use, and they're doing it in the kitchen. It's partof a cooperative extension service program where people who get stampslearn how to put them to better use. Thanks to the "Out to Lunch"program, many people are cooking up healthier meals while learninghealthier money management skills.

It's a lesson in nutrition, and the classroom is the kitchen. SandraBatchelor is a willing student. Sandra says with three children and ahusband that comes home for lunch everyday, she needs a nutritional, lesstime consuming meal to prepare.

More nutrition and better spending is exactly what the "Out to Lunch" program is teaching food stamp recipients. Sharon Harrison has learned toavoid the frozen food section at the grocery story. Sharon used to shopfor convenience. She'd buy frozen food and frozen vegetables all thetime. Now she knows how to use fresh vegetables to make good recipes herfamily will eat.

Parents aren't the only ones learning. Their children are coloring, collecting and cutting out valuable information about the foodgroups to create an all-around learning environment.

Like all good classrooms, there is some homework involved. The participants get to take the recipes and food from the session home tocook for their families.

Thanks to "Out to Lunch," stamp recipients will no longer just pick upstamps and vouchers, but get the most for their money.

Sandra Harrison is glad she'll now have something to do with the fivecases of eggs and cheese in her refrigerator. She can now take thecheese and egge and use them to make something other than scrambled eggsand cheese.

When all the participants are done, they will have cooked up a betterbudget, a healthier diet and put your tax dollars to better use.