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Insurance Policy Motive for Double Murder

Posted June 13, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Three people are behind bars for their roles in a pair of cold and calculated murders. Police say the three suspects spent months plotting what they thought was the perfect crime, all to cash in on a life insurance policy.

Deputies told WRAL'sMark Roberts that Robbie Brewington left the home early Thursday for work while his girlfriend and another friend moved in. They allegedly knocked out the 8 year old, stabbed the great grandmother to death, torched the place with gas, then left. All three confessed to the crime Friday.

Investigators say it was a cold, calculated plot motivated by greed that led to a fire and two murders. Eighty-two-year-old Frances Brewington was stabbed. Her burnt body was found inside the home. Brian Brewington died a few feet from his great grandmother. Brian's mother couldn't contain her emotions as she returned to the scene.

Deputies say Robbie Brewington, the grandson and uncle of the victims planned the whole thing. Elbert Maynard, a relative of the victims was very surprised Robbie Brewington was capable of such a crime.

The Sheriff says Brewington and his girlfriend, 19-year-old Vera Lee planned to collect an insurance policy on the boy, get married, and start a new life. Deputies say 17-year-old Michael McKeithan stabbed the great grandmother to death with a dagger he led investigators to after the arrest.

Another relative of the victims, Shelby Denning, says she's shocked by the crime but hopes everyone involved is punished severely for what they've done.

While all three suspects have confessed, investigators say they're shocked by the lack of remorse shown by the suspects as they were being questioned. Brewington and Lee were recently seen in Fayetteville shopping for a double-wide mobile home. Investigators say that's what they planned to buy with a $58,000 insurance policy on the boy.

All three suspects made their first appearances in court Friday. Each will seek legal representation, and separate trials will be held on a future date.