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Cumberland County Authorities End Stolen Goods Ring

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Stolen goods recovered in Fayetteville home
FAYETTEVILLE — The man police say was in charge of stealing a house full of goods willface charges.

Cumberland County deputies busted a stolen property ring working out ofthis house on Owen Drive in Fayetteville. Inside, deputies found new homefurnishings worth more than $100,000.

Earlier, they captured the suspected ring leader, Isaac Nesby, after a highspeed chase. Deputies say Nesby himself is an escapee from Bennettsville,South Carolina. There are also outstanding warrants on him fromsurrounding counties.

In this case, investigators believe thieves rented moving trucks andswiped furnishings from mobile homes on sales lots. Right now deputiesare spending their time sifting through the belongings and trying tofigure out where they were stolen from. Chief Deputy Cuyler Windham saysthe majority of the goods came from Cumberland and surrounding counties.

Deputies took seven people into custody, but released five Friday night,pending further investigation.

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