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Holly Springs Residents Tap into Bottled Water

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HOLLY SPRINGS — Water. It's something we all use and something we expect to be availablewhen we need it. But that's not the way it is for people in HollySprings. A test for bacteria came up positive, and now the town's 5000 residents must boil their water.

A pizza restaurant in Holly Springs is spending more dough to makedough. That's because they're buying bottled water, ice and bottled soda.They can't use tap water due to the bacteria threat.

We had to buy all the water we have from the food lion to mix the doughand wash the vegetables we have.

Holly Springs uses water from Jordan Lake, but the lake also serves Apexand Cary. Their water is okay. Health investigators speculate bacteriamay have seeped into a water line at a Holly Springs construction site.

The town has received dozens of calls from concerned people. They'reurging everyone to take precautions.

Utilities Director Thomas Tillage says his people are urging residents toboil their water before drinking it. That also applies to water given tothe family pet.

Loretta McLeod has lived in Holly Springs her whole life, and has neverhad a problem with the water. She says the inconvenience of not beingable to use it right out of the tap has given her a new perspective.

McLeod believes we all take water for granted. She says it's like the oldsaying "you never miss your water until the well runs dry."

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