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Police Looking for Suspects in Clayton Assault

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Derwood Lynn
CLAYTON — A teenager was stabbed and says two of hiscompanions were beaten with boards and tire irons Sunday in an abandonedparking lot in Clayton.

The teens, all of whom are black, say three trucks stopped and severalwhite men jumped out and began to attack them. One was stabbed with ascrewdriver, one suffered a fractured knee and the third has a brokenhand. All three have bruises and cuts.

The teens told WRAL-TV5's BretBaier what happened Sunday.

Two of the victims are brothers, 13-year-old Derwood Lynn and15-year-old Rodrick Jenkins, the other is 13-year-old Michael Sanders.

Police say they have one suspect in mind, but believe as many as 30 menmay have been involved in the attack.