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Police Say Fayetteville Teen Confesses

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FAYETTEVILLE — Matthew Alan Myers, the Fayettevillehigh school student who was arrested for the murder of classmate ChrisEggleston, has confessed to the crime.

Eggleston disappeared last week and police found his body over the weekendbehind Westover High School. He was tied up with duct tape and rope andstrangled. Police say Eggleston and Myers, whom friends say did not likeeach other, had planned to meet at the school after final exams on Monday, June 2, the last day Eggleston was seen alive.

He was laid to rest Tuesday. Hundreds of students, family andfriends filed into the service to express their grief and offer supportto the family of 16-year-old Chris Eggleston.

Police say there may be at least one more arrest made. They still don'tknow whether Myers was acting alone, but said he had accompanied them backto the crime scene where investigators collected more evidence.