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Body Shop Poster Controversy

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RALEIGH — An ad for skin cream is eye catching to some, but offensive to others.The Body Shop started using a poster of a guy nearly in the buff to sellits tanning cream that has angered customers across the country.

The ad started showing up at Body Shop stores across the country threeweeks ago, but customer complaints have many stores taking the postersdown. Some Triangle customers are angered by the posters, and otherswonder if there's a double standard when it comes to using sex appeal tosell products.

Advertising executive Bob Crone calls it a successful advertising ploy.In his opinion, the advertisers are pushing the envelope just to see howfar they can go. Even if the posters come down, that's not all bad.

Body shop spokesperson Randy Williamson says the poster has sparked a"double standard debate" about male-female imagery in advertising.

The posters were scheduled to come down this week, but Body Shop leaders say the campaign's been so successful they're keeping them up an extra week.


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