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Wilson Land Owners Worried About Water Expansion

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WILSON — We expect clean water when we open thefaucet, but what goes on before the water flows into the house isthreatening to flood part of Nash County and some home owners areblaming Wilson County.

Wilson's city leaders plan to expand the Buckhorne Reservoir. Thecity's main source of water has come dangerously close to drying up duringrecent droughts according toDeputy City Manager Charles Pittman.

Landowner Philip Stone understands that, but doesn't understand why hehas to be dragged into it.

Wilson is planning to condemn 82 acres Pittman owns in Nash County -- timberland he and his wife are using to pay for their retirement. He sayshe's been offered less than half of what it's worth.

If the plan goes through, this woodland will become a new home for thedwarf wedge mussel, the same animal that stopped expansion two years agowhen it showed up in nearby creeks.

Reporter/Photographer:Brian Bowman

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