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Investigators Search For Answers To Teen's Murder

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FAYETTEVILLE — Friends and family of ChristopherEggleston tried to figure out on Sunday why the teenager was kidnapped andmurdered, only to be found behind a local middle school.

Eggleston's body was found early Saturday morning aftertips led investigators to a swampy area near Westover Middle School.The boy had been reported missing since Monday when he went to school andnever returned home.

Fayetteville police charged 17-year-old Matthew Myers, one ofEggleston's classmates, with kidnapping and first-degree late Saturdaynight.

Fayetteville police Capt. Brad Chandler said Sunday that investigators have nomotive for the killing and say this caseis far from over.

One of Eggleston's friends, Brandy Bussey, is still wondering howthis could happen.

Myers has had run-ins the police before. He was charged withbreaking and entering and carrying a weapon on campus, both of whichoccurred at Westover High School.

Myers' first court appearance is set for Monday morning.