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Domestic Violence Court Offers Hope

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Threatening notes found by a victim of domestic violence in her car. (WRAL-TV5)
DURHAM — A new effort is underway in Durham County to fight domestic violence. TheDistrict Attorney's office just received a $331,000 grant from the state to establish a domestic violence court.

One out of 10 couples bears the scars of domestic violence, and six million women are attacked every day by boyfriends or spouses. The newdomestic violence court is a step to try to prevent further abuse.

Areas that already have such a court say that women get better and quickerservice and fewer cases fall through the cracks because the same people work on the cases from start to finish. Those cases that fall through thecracks are the ones that usually end up in death or serious injury.

The court will provide a single place where women can go to get all the help they need. It means hope for the victims, and it can save lives.

The state grant will pay for a judge, prosecutor, clerk and victim'sadvocate. The county will hold court three days a week. The money willalso provide additional support groups for victims.

Support groups give the opportunity for victims to see domestic violenceas a serious problem, and to meet other women who have experienced it.

Poverty, unemployment and lack of education can contribute to domesticviolence, but the best predictor is alcohol abuse. If you need help orhave experienced domestic violence, you can call 800-799-SAFE and getinformation on resources in your area.


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