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2,500 Turn Out to Race for the Cure

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RALEIGH — Hundreds of people here in the Triangle are doing their part to help raiseBreast Cancer awareness. They're all taking part in theRace for the Cure.

In Raleigh, nearly 2,500 people showed up for the run. Nationwide, the Racefor the Cure was held today in 77 cities with more than 400,000participants.

This year the triangle area was honored for hosting the first ever Racefor the Cure in North Carolina. Many say, it was a chance for our stateto show much needed support.

We hope that this type of race will be short-lived. We hope we will finda cure for breast cancer

Today's triangle race raised nearly $200,000 dollars. Seventy-five percentof those proceeds will help fund health-care and education programs forwomen in the area.

If you would like more information about breast cancer call the KomenFoundation at 1- 800- IM AWARE. That's1-800-462-9273.

Photographer: Cathy Binder

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