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Gay Festival Causes Stir in Carrboro

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CARRBORO — An annual Gay and Lesbian Festival inNorth Carolina is causing quite a stir in Chapel Hill. As the town beginssetting up for this weekend's event some town workers are refusing totake part.

The public works employees were asked to hang some gay pride flagsaround town for the Gay Pride Festival, but refused to do so. Organizersof the event from North Carolina Pride say they were shocked. They saythey have always had a good relationship with the city and that this isclearly a case of homophobia.

The Town of Carrboro says it has handled the situation in the best waypossible. The six public works employees will not have to hang the flagsif they don't want to. The workers expressed moral and religiousobjections to the event.

Event organizer Sarah Titus says her group thinks the town workers aregetting off too easily.

Town Manager Robert Morgan says the workers shouldn't be forced to dowork they object to.

The flags will be hung on Carrboro streets. Carrboro's public worksdirector says he will work with a supervisor on Saturday to hang thedecorations.

Carrboro's openly gay mayor will be master of ceremonies at theweekend event.

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