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Kids' Drawings End Up on the Wrong Page

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FAYETTEVILLE — Kids put a lot of thought into theirartwork. Sprint Carolina Telephone decided to show off thechildren's art in the Yellow Pages. There was only one problem.

Nine of the drawings were placed in the "escort services" ad section ofthe Yellow Pages. Children's pictures of sunshine and rainbows are placedright next to advertisements with drawings of scantily-clad women.

The local Sprint office does edit the WhitePages. However, the printing company is in charge of editing the YellowPages. Robert Grover, a spokesman for Sprint Carolina Telephone, saysthat his company gave the printer specific guidelines for the YellowPages -- guidelines which included keeping the kids' drawings away from adult businesses' ads.

By now, 80 percent of the more than 200,000 phone books are already out inarea homes and businesses. Most school principals, including LarryParsonsof C. Wayne Collier's Elementary School, say that it's notnecessary to try and the correct the mistake at this point.

Almost 200 other drawings are in other areas of the Yellow Pages. ForGrover, it's a good program that gives kids a creative outlet -- despitethis year's printing mistake.

Sprint has mailed letters to parents, apologizing for the mistake.