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Arrests Made in Child's Fatal Shooting

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ROCKY MOUNT — Police have arrested five suspects and aresaid to be still looking for others in the fatal shooting of a 4-year-oldasleep in her bed. Brittany Johnson was killed during a shooting in frontof her Rocky Mount home Saturday night.

She was struck by one of approximately eight bullets fired at the RexStreet house, and died a short time later.

Police have arrested Cornelius Clark, Patrick Clark,JamesJackson, and Keith Sharpe. All four are in jail, facing first degreemurder charges.

Police said just before 11 p.m. the suspects werechasing a manthrough the neighborhood and the conflict ended up on the Johnson's porch.

Rocky Mount Police Lt. A.G. Delano told WRAL-TV5 reporter JuliaLewis, "I think this is a case of an innocent child that was, as you said,in the wrong place at the wrong time -- or in the right place at the wrongtime, I guess."

Authorities said two adults and five other children were also in thehouse when the shooting occurred.

The Rex Street neighborhood is no stranger to violent crime. Justa few weeks ago another 4-year-old died by gunfire down the street fromthe Johnson house.

Carolyn Cofield said that it's scary staying in the neighborhoodbecause parents worry while they are at work about how their children aredoing and whether someone will come by with a gun.

Cofield has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and likeother neighbors believes that crime is quickly taking over.

Another neighbor, James Hinton, said residents are concerned aboutthe kids alot, and the adults as well.