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Vandals Cause $50,000 Worth of Damage at Local School

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OXFORD — Teacher Johnny Williams couldn't believe what vandals did to NorthernGranville Middle School. In fact, he was emotionally hurt by the turn ofevents. Williams says the act of destruction was just plain senseless.

What was left behind was even more disheartening-- smashed computers,broken glass, and books dumped everywhere. Nearly $50,000 worth of damagewas done. Almost every classroom and office was hit, but the damage wasrandom. Fortunately, only three computers were destroyed in the school'scomputer lab. The others were left intact.

The vandals didn't miss a beat, leaving marks of graffiti on almost everyblank wall or surface. Saturday, janitors spent the day trying to erasethe vandals' mark.

Teachers and even their families joined in to put books back on shelves.Principal Dan Callahan pushed a mop up and down the schools' hallways.Despite the damage done, Callahan plans to bring something positive out ofthe experience.

Emphasizing the positive is nothing new to most school teachers. Theeducators at Northern Granville Middle School are some of the mostresourceful out there. Now with so much lost, those teachers will have tocome up with some way to make the most out of so little.

Julia Lewis reporting