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Rebuilding After Fran

Posted May 30, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— There are not only roads and homes being rebuilt; business are starting over, too. But this time around, there are new rules to abide by.

Bryant Realty lost almost everything to Fran. Every computer. All its important document. Gone. So when it came time to rebuild, the owner decided to redesign the building to better withstand a flood.

All electrical wiring was raised four feet off the ground. The difference: this place could probably be open for business two days after a major storm.

Bryant Realty was flooded with more than two feet of water right after Hurricane Fran.

Fran also did a good job destroying piers all along our coast. Don't expect them all to be rebuilt.

Coastal leaders are adopting new rules aimed at preventing piers from cluttering waterways. New piers can't be wider than one-fourth the width of the body of water in which it is located. There also will be length restrictions.

The new rules go into effect next August.