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Fran Recovery is Still Not Over for Some

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RALEIGH — For the past three months, workers havevirtually lived in Laurie Payne's home. She wanted to start re-buildingimmediately after Hurricane Fran tore off some parts of her house andleft other parts crushed, but there was a problem -- a $150,000 problem.

Payne and her husband have experienced one delay after another,beginning with the issue of getting their insurance claim settled. Thatone, she says, took months to resolve.

Payne says she's been out of her home for almost a year and that she's spent a lot of that time crying.

Fran removed a huge tree from the Paynes' yard and deposited it in their kitchen. Then, while Laurie and herhusband slept in the basement, the storm ripped away windows, floors,walls, and parts of the roof. By 4:30 the following morning, the Paynesthought the worst had passed, but when they ventured upstairs, they foundit had only just begun.

Problems with the insurance claim were finally resolved and the Paynesbegan rebuilding. They have learned patience.

The outward destruction can be repaired. Emotional scarring isless obvious. Payne says she is haunted by the sound of wind now.

Payne says it will only be a few more weeks before her family canfinally move back home, but she knows things will never be quite the same.